*NEW* Book of Possibilities Class

Here’s our latest offering from the Art Transformations. A brand new class - never before taught by Finnabair…

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“I'd like to invite you to the place where the art of collecting, gathering, sorting and beautiful mixed-media techniques meet - what is more they flourish into a beautiful project which I'm sure will be a source of inspiration for more and more artistic adventures!” -- Finnabair

Join Finnabair as she explores the magic of vintage books and how to turn them into art. Finnabair is taking you on a complete journey that starts off explaining where to find and how to choose an old book to work in and goes through to preparing it, embellishing the covers (two ways!) as well as working inside and making it into your own Book of Possibilities, your unique mood book.

This mixed-media book altering class is available now! It’s fully streamable and downloadable from the Everything Art Community, so once you purchase you can do it whenever you want, at the pace that suits you and as many times as you like!!

The “Book of Possibilities” is most unique. Finnabair has never taught it before, so you are getting a chance to learn and see the process that she hasn’t shared with anyone yet.

This class is perfect for everyone! Especially for those of you who look for adding some dimension, character and adventure to your works.

If this is your first class with Finnabair then you are in for a great treat! Even though the process is heavily mixed-media based we can guarantee you that with Finnabair’s instructions you will be able to easily follow it, even if you are a newbie to the world of paints.
In case of any questions or maybe you need advice, your Teacher and the Everything Art team will be on the Community, happy to answer them all and give you as much help and support as you may need.

The "Book of Possibilities" is a great class for those of you who would like to find a way to express you passion for old books, paper, photos... and all these wonderful art mediums which make your fingers dirty!” -- Finnabair

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This is a mixed-media altered book project. Finnabair is taking you to her unique and imaginative world of old books, papers, paints, textures, and dreamy colours. You will be able to see and you’ll be encouraged to follow Finnabair’s step-by-step instructions where she explains every stage in great detail and gives you the opportunity to turn your own imagination on. Together with this class you will be also getting a full and detailed product information video, which explains all about the supplies used.

Even if you are a beginner and you have no idea what “gesso” means… Finnabair will explain everything you need to know about it in order to complete the project.
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The price of this class is £32.99 which will be about $43.60 USD, $54 AUD/CAD, €36.9 Euro. (exchange rate on 1st August 2017)

Here’s the project that you will be creating step-by-step with Finnabair:

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“As a proud owner of a bunch of Books of Possibilities/Moodbooks I have to admit that creating this class was a pure pleasure, my head was spinning with ideas and I'm sure you will experience the same excitement as I did! Well, who doesn’t like to transform an old book into a beautiful - and personal - work of art?” -- Finnabair

On the Book of Possibilities class you will learn how to:

  • search for and choose your perfect old book for this project
  • prepare your book should it need any fixing and to make is easy to work with
  • add beautiful texture to your covers
  • balance the amount of mixed-media and embellishing as regards to the unique features of the specific book
  • create a dimensional composition of elements
  • use mediums like crackle paste, gels, gessoes, waxes etc. with varied tools and techniques
  • balance the composition to create an eye-catching and interesting piece
  • match and add colours that will emphasise the composition and turn your book into a unique treasure
  • layer colour without losing the depth
  • fill the inside of your book with unique pages using varied mixed-media techniques
  • add your own character and ideas to the inside of your book
  • create your own dimensional elements to use on the cover

What is included in the Book of Possibilities class:
  • Six streamable, downloadable, high-quality, in-depth, fact filled and dynamic videos presented by Finnabair and produced by Everything Art.
Product Information Video. Running time: 20:38
Part 1: Vintage Book Guide. Running time: 21:20
Part 2: Cover Preparation. Running time: 44:37
Part 3: Adding Colour. Running time: 40:04
Part 4: Inside Ideas. Running time: 01:03:15
Part 5: The Extra Slice. Running time: 14:17
Total Time: 203:31 ( 3 hours 23 minutes )

The lesson includes the instructions and ideas on how to alter/embellish covers of two different books and a demonstration of working on various pages inside.
  • A 15 page downloadable and printable PDF file with detailed instructions regards every stage of the process, tips from Finnabair, pictures of the project, product list with explanation of every specific medium that has been used and Questions & Answers.
  • Access to the Everything Art Community with an opportunity to talk to the Teacher and Everything Art Team, ask questions as well as interact with other participants and share the results of your process in the Gallery.

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Supply list:

Here you can find our product list for the Book of Possibilities class. You will need some mediums as this project is mixed-media technique-heavy, but if it’s about the embellishments you will be encouraged to use your stash, to recycle and to turn your imagination on.

As for mediums Finnabair is mostly using her own line of products from Prima that is called Art Basics, but feel free to use any other brand if you already have them.
If you are not sure which products to buy and which you can skip on we highly recommend you to first watch the lesson and then decide which products you want to get.

  • Old book with a sturdy cover
  • Masking tapes/washi tapes

  • Soft Gel Medium
  • Heavy Body Gel
  • Black Gesso
  • Clear Gesso
  • White Crackle paste
  • Antique Brilliance Waxes
  • Metallique Acrylic Paints
  • Glass Glitter
  • Art Stones
  • Optional Alcohol Inks

  • Scissors
  • Two spray bottles
  • Stamps of your choice
  • Permanent ink pads (e.g. StazOn, Archival)
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • One bigger brush with natural bristle plus a selection of soft synthetic flat brushes
  • Fine tip glue

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The price of this class is £32.99 which will be about $43.60 USD, $54 AUD/CAD, €36.9 Euro (exchange rate on 1st August 2017)

Learn more about Art Transformations series of classes & watch the promotional video here.
See our Frequently Asked Questions about Finnabair’s online classes here.

If there is one thing that I love the most about the way that Finnabair teaches it must be her unique approach. Rather than tell you to recreate her exact project, she leads you through the steps encouraging to do it your own way. She gives you the “tools” and the knowledge, but it’s your own imagination that will make it yours! And she surely does teach how to use your imagination! The “Book of Possibilities” class is full of opportunities to express yourself and create a very personal and unique piece of art. This workshop is a must for everyone who wishes to add a bit of magic to their art.

-- Kasia Avery