About the “Imagine” and “Book of Possibilities” classes.

Is The “Book of Possibilities” a live event or if not then do we have a lifelong access to them?
The “Book of Possibilities” is an online class, not a live event so you don’t have to be on your computer at any specific time. The videos for this class are available until August 2019 - this is not a lifelong access. However all videos are fully downloadable so you can keep them forever on your device.

Is “Imagine” a live event or if not then do we have a lifelong access to them?
“Imagine is an online class, not a live event so you don’t have to be on your computer at any specific time. The videos for this class are available until March 2019 - this is not a lifelong access. However all videos will be fully downloadable so you can keep them forever.

Do I need to purchase both classes together (The Book of Possibilities and Imagine) in order to complete the projects?
No, each one of these classes comes with separate and detailed instructions on every stage of the process. You can choose which one of these classes suits you better or purchase them both to create two different projects with Finnabair.

I have already done the Imagine class. Is Book of Possibilities very different to it or will I learn something new?
Yes, you will most definitely learn loads of new things. The projects that Finnabair is creating on both of these classes are very different (different forms of art, different techniques, different mediums and very different results).

I’m a beginner, which one of Finnabair online classes is better for me?
It’s hard to say as they both come with very detailed instructions and every step is really well explained. In our opinion they are both suitable for beginners and you can simply just choose which project you like the most.

How many more classes in the Art Transformations series are you planning to release and when can we expect that?
We can’t share yet how many more there will be, but we can tell you that they will be released gradually with about 6 months gap between them so you get plenty of time to get advantage of one before the other is going on sale.

Will other Art Transformations classes be the same price as “Imagine” or “Book of Possibilities”?
Not necessary, they will be all priced separately, depending on the length of the class and the amount of content.

Can I buy a whole package of all Art Transformations classes?
No, as we have only two classes released as far. At some point, when we will have more we may start offering some packages but that’s in the far future.

I don’t speak English very well. Does that mean I won’t be able to understand the content of the class?
Can you provide subtitles? Each class is performed in English so you may struggle if you don’t know this language very well. Due to a high cost of translation to just one language and then captioning it we cannot offer you any subtitles. However there are many apps available that you may find helpful. They can listen to the video and show you the (almost accurate) translations straight away. Also, with both classes there is a very detailed PDF provided with all steps explained. You many find it helpful to copy some of the content into Google Translate.

I’m from the USA, but the price in your shop shows in British Pounds. Can I still join?
Yes! We are a UK company so the price is shown in GBP, but once you’ll purchase it your bank or your PayPal will automatically charge you in the currency that you are using (in this case US Dollars). Please note that the exchange rates are slightly changing every day. You can check the current rate at xe.com

How many step-by-step projects is Finnabair showing on the “Imagine” class?
There is one project that Finnabair shows in great detail. The project is very complex and the techniques showed by the Artist can be adapted to other forms of art.

How many step-by-step projects is Finnabair showing on the “Book of Possibilities” class?
On this class Finnabair is working on two books at the same time. This way she can show you different opportunities that each of them can give you. She is also working on a bunch of pages inside.

Do I have to have a lot of knowledge before I join the class?
Our Art Transformation classes are beginner-friendly so if you have even no idea what “gesso” means, Finnabair will explain that to you. We decided to include a detailed product information video in every package of Art Transformation classes so you will get plenty of content to learn from. Also, Finn explains exactly every step of her techniques, nothing is going to be secret or “work it out yourself” style :)

I am an advanced artist, will there be anything I can learn from Finnabair’s classes?
There are only so many techniques out there and though Finnabair is a very explorative Teacher it may happen that you already know some of the steps from her project. Above all though we believe that being taught by Finnabair is a fabulous and one of a kind experience. She is most encouraging, open, warm and motivating. Her approach and her teaching techniques cannot be replaced by anything, and the sequences of the steps are unique to her original style. So even if you already have a big technical knowledge we still think that you should join the class.

How long do I get access to each class?
“Imagine” will be available on our community until the end of March 2019. The “Book of Possibilities” will be available until the end of August 2019. If you want access to the classes beyond these dates, we advise you to download them.

Is the class downloadable?
Yes, each segment of all of our Art Transformations classes are downloadable so you can basically keep them forever.

Can I share the content of the class with others?
No, this you cannot do. While purchasing the class you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions where it clearly states that sharing of any parts of the content is not allowed, whether sharing the video, or sharing the techniques used with others commercially or non commercially. Please remember that there is a team and lots of work included into creating every clip and we try to make the classes as affordable as possible so everyone can join.

Do I have to join the Community in order to watch the class?
Yes, you will need to join the Community if you want to watch or download the class. You will get detailed instructions on how to do this together with the necessary links (the Community is not public, the access to it is available only to the paid members) once you purchase the class and then you’ll be able to watch the videos straight away. Feel free to interact with others, share photos etc but if you would rather be a quiet one then this is also fine :)

What if I’m a member of the Community already, can I just join the classroom?
Yes, you can just request the membership, providing you have paid for the class, and we will approve you asap.