Does the Art Jar include any tutorials?
No, this is not a class, there will be no tutorials or step-by-steps shared.

Are there any supplies included in the price?
No, this is an online inspirational event and all the supplies that you want to use you’ll have to get yourself.

Is there a list of products that I need to have in order to join the Art Jar?
Yes, though our products are very basic. Please click here to find out about it.

If I join Spring edition of the Art Jar will I have to re-join the Summer edition when it starts or will it renew itself automatically?
No, this is not a subscription based. You pay once for one edition and this is what you get. The next edition will be available to purchase approx 4 weeks before it commences.

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Can I share the inspirations, graphics and prompts on my private blog/website/social media?
No, all of the content of the Art Jar is for your private use only and available only to paid members. None of the graphics, printables, pictures can be shared as they all belong to Everything Art Ltd.

Do I have to be very advanced in art to join?
No, there are no requirements if it’s about the level of skills that you must have before you join the class. If you decide to share your works in the Art Jar gallery you will not be judged by anyone, this is not a competition. We encourage people on all experience levels to join us. Interpret the prompts in a way you lie - paints, draw, write, take photographs - just make it your own and enjoyable.

Do I have to join the Community to get the weekly prompts?
No, the weekly prompts will be emailed to you, however if you have joined after the start date, you will need to join the Art Jar facebook group to get links to the previous prompts. We would of course encourage you to join the Art Jar Spring Facebook page, as it is a place you can interact with Eliza, the other participants and its somewhere to share you results.