Testimonials from Art Jar 2017 - Spring Edition

Reading your lesson was like receiving a gift! Each of the prompts is like an elixir that
sharpens the senses, encourages us to be free thinkers and to be aware of the beauty
that surrounds us in all things. Thank you so much!
An added bonus in joining the classes is the opportunity to connect with members
from other places and learn new customs. I always look forward to Monday to start my
week on a positive note.
(Elizabeth Graham)

I feel like having opened a box full of treasures.
(Ana de Isabel)

I love that you included art, music, prompts and your 'voice' throughout. I imagined
being in a lovely garden with you speaking about all the things you shared here online.
(Shannon Yates)

Thank you for this visual, auditory, heart and imagination expanding feast.
(Kim Lennox)

A few days back, riding back home from work I thought I should take the Art Jar pause.
I parked my car at a tiny flower stand where they sell home-grown flowers. I bought
these lovely tulips for myself. I really should stop there more often! Arriving home I
paused some more with a cup of coffee and watched my tulips. I love these tiny, but
beautiful moments of Art Jar inspiration which I can integrate in my life and art.
(Ellen Dekker)

Love your inspirations so very much. They make me ponder and take time to enjoy the
little things that mean so much.
(Marianne Hyson)

Thank you so much for the wonderful prompts you make and post. They are truly
inspirational. Art Jar is such a peaceful, stress free space and so full of beauty. I really
enjoy spending time here!
(Torunn Gjesmo)

Thanks for making me looking forward to Mondays. I keep many of the inspirations for
a time when I have more time, just writing down ideas and hints.
(Nadia Spang Bovey)

I really look forward to Mondays! They are a 'shot in the arm' for me.
(Kathleen Carey)

I am really enjoying Art Jar. I'm so very busy right now and it just keeps me in contact
with my creative soulful self. Thank you so much.
(Catherine Heise)

Each week 's Art Jar builds and grows and provokes more thought.
(Chris Leach)