From Eliza Trojanowska, your host for Art Jar:

Art Jar is a very special corner, a space on the Internet where I'd like us to meet, and create in our art journals – simple as that!

Art Jar is not a course or a class. It's not a challenge either.
Art Jar is a special place destined for everyone hungry for inspiration.

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I'm sure you know the feeling when your mind suddenly goes empty and the scary blank page is staring at you saying absolutely nothing.
Or days and weeks when you feel burnt out, discouraged and simply blocked.
This is the perfect moment to reach for the Art Jar.
It will be packed with all kinds of inspirations to wake up your creativity, to tickle your imagination, to show you that you too – despite different circumstances, lack of time or your cruel inner critic – you too can express yourself in your art journal.

I am going to share “packets” of inspirations on a weekly basis but it doesn't mean you have to show up regularly and every single time produce a masterpiece.
Quite the contrary in fact...

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You may follow the calendar and schedule if you wish or you can choose your prompts at random, its all up to you.
You may turn Art Jar inspirations into a kind of creative ritual, a special “artist date”, me-time once a week or you can visit only when you feel like you need a creative lift.
Whatever you choose, I will be waiting here with my special Art Jar within arm's reach.

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Art Jar is also a safe space for making mistakes (if such at all exist) and most of all to keep creating, keep moving, not giving up just because you might lack ideas or feel discouraged.

Your art journals can be meaningful and revealing but also simple fun mark making, cutting and pasting, a beautiful mess.
You decide where my inspirations take you.
There are no rights or wrongs. You may use all of the weekly prompts on one page or just one or... even none... You may collage, draw, paint, photograph or write, but I will also encourage you to... dance, walk outdoors, smell, taste, sing and explore.
Whatever your creative outlet is (you might discover a new one, who knows!), make sure you remember one crucial thing once said by Gerald Brommer:

"In the math classroom each problem has one right answer and an infinite number of wrong ones, but in the art classroom each problem has an infinite number of right answers and no wrong ones."


Last year, all Art Jars loosely revolved around the theme of different special days and celebrations of the year. I encouraged you to pause, appreciate little moments, exchange inspirations and grow creatively.
This Spring, Art Jar will be a little different as all our Monday meetings will be "sponsored" by a very special prefix -> "Re-"...
Why so?
When you think about it - isn't Spring just The time when Rebirth and Renewal are all around?
We'll take this idea a step further and every Monday focus on a different"Re-" word to fully enjoy the season, capture priceless little moments, find and savour beautiful inspirations, make time and space for your own creative rituals and much needed me-time.
We'll Re-connect, Re-discover, Record, Rejoice and so much more...!
I can't wait to Relish this season with you!

My prompts and inspirations may take you all sorts of places but the most important thing for you to remember is that you may interpret them anyway you feel - remember it's your art journal, your feelings and reflections, your thoughts and your beautiful little worlds.
This is what makes art journals so special – there are no rules or regulations, it's all about You!

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There will be no judging here, but friendly meeting and sharing.
If you are a private person, feel free to keep your journal to yourself but at the same time feel most welcome to share your art with us – creative communities have this special power that fuels people's creativity and helps to spread your wings like you couldn't even imagine.
I'm certainly here to help you do that.

Apart from sharing inspirations, I'd love to meet you and see your art and also keep on cheerleading you in your art journal adventures and uplifting spirits when you need it – that's what I do best and what makes my days richer.

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I'm really excited to have this opportunity to meet and create with you all – and believe me it's not just a polite thing I feel I need to say.
I truly can't wait to see how enriching and creative this art journal season will be for us all.

- - Eliza <3

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By purchasing Art Jar, you are subscribing to 13 inspiring emails sent to your inbox weekly, always on a Monday starting from the 12th of March 2018.

You will also get an invitation to join our private Facebook group to interact with other participants, however you don’t have to do this to receive the weekly Art Jar.

Art Jar Spring 2018 edition is just £14.99!

This is approx €17 / $20.8 US / $26 AUS/CAN on 27th Feb 2018.

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The Spring edition is available to purchase only until the 29th of March

Once you purchase the Spring Edition of Art Jar, you will be sent a confirmation email with your invitation to join the Facebook group.

You can join it, but you don’t have to. Whichever you choose you will still receive Eliza’s weekly inspirations into your inbox starting from the 12th of March 2018.

In her special weekly emails Eliza will be sharing her little “packets” of inspirations. This can be a prompt + quote + creative exercise + something else. Eliza’s ideas are endless and your creativity will surely be ignited. These activities can be interpreted in any way you like. If you do art journaling, you can make an art journal page based around them, if you paint or collage maybe this will inspire you to start a new piece of art, if you like writing, feel free to use it to express yourself, use any form that speaks to you.

Some of the inspirations will be prepared in a printable form so you can cut them out and put into your own real Art Jar - your little source of inspiration that you can actually keep on your desk and reach for whenever you need it. Throughout the whole season you will also be encouraged to add more and more inspirations and elements to your own Art Jar.

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