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Hi there, my name is Eliza Trojanowska.

I can't imagine my life without art journals.
I never leave my house without at least one in my bag. (yes, usually there are more than one)

I always take at least two on my holidays. Travel journals are among my favourite ones in my collection.
I've counted them all – there are 89 art journals. This includes three that are round robin ones travelling the country, two that I felt I had to purposely throw away some years ago and one that I left behind in a hotel room – I'm still sad about this one.

I have been journaling ever since I can remember.

Being a little girl spending hours cutting, pasting & drawing;
a shy teenager copying poems about unrequited love and collaging around them;
an art history student furiously writing down facts and reflections during my museum visits and art lectures;
a mom-to-be and then a mom squeezing out every available second to write, collage and paint about my new reality;
a hospital patient pouring my experience onto paper to survive another day;
and lately – all the time doing what I have always done – using images, colours and words to redefine myself, to understand my „new normal” and the transformation that I'm going through and to connect with this new me.

As you can see, I can easily tell my life story with my journals.
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They are personal, authentic, and transformative. Not always „pretty”, not always finished – that's not really the point.
They are my companions – in joys and struggles, fear and courage, discovery and possibility - my life enclosed between the pages.

Need to know more about me? Here I am:
- a collector – of words, images, ephemera, vintage photos, scissors, interesting papers, quotations and surprise surprise – notebooks and journals.
- passionate about books, art history, creativity, collage and writing
- nothing relaxes me more than fussy cutting. And then organizing the cut outs.
- my magical skill: being a walking Pinterest. My head is filled with images and inspirational words. Sometimes a single word or a sentence can trigger an instant visual collage in my mind. A blessing and a curse really.
- my perfect way to unwind and reconnect is journaling in a cafe, people watching, coffee drinking, reading and celebrating the fact of just being in the moment.
- feeling fueled encouraging others to believe in their creative possibilities. I have co-hosted some challenge and inspirational blogs, coordinated creative design teams and always felt totally thrilled seeing people spread their wings and believe they can create beautiful art any time, any place.

Basically, being a cheerleader and art moral support is what I do (and love) best.

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