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Eliza’s Supply List for the Art Jar:

The Essentials:
a large glass jar to be put on your desk and filled with inspirations, printed prompts, ephemera and anything that sparks your imagination
your base – it can be a journal, a notebook, a book to be altered, a planner, but also loose sheets of paper that you can bind later on. Find a base that works for you, the one that you 'feel' whether it's costly watercolour paper or cardboard from a cereal box.
sharp scissors
adhesives – gel mediums are great but a simple glue stick works fine too
permanent pens and markers (include a white one)
pencils and crayons
magazine cut outs, paper ephemera, photos
white gesso – it can save your page or give it a tooth, it's artist's best friend
paints – and again, choose the ones that you feel most comfortable using – acrylics, watercolours, gouache – test them, experiment, find you favourite ones

{NOTE}: If you're just starting you art journaling adventure, don't start with the most expensive supplies. You will quickly find out that you might feel scared to “ruin” them. And I don't want you to feel scared or intimidated. 🙂


found objects
washi tape

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