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"Hello! I’m Mary. I’m an artist, wife, and mama living in a magical town on the Oregon coast where the forest meets the sea. I’m a professional joy-seeker and believer that all of life is art (yes, you too!).
It is important to me to look for beauty everywhere – especially in the ordinary, everyday moments.
As a little girl I believed the truth that I was an artist, and would spend hours painting, drawing and dreaming - and then somehow, somewhere along the way, that belief was buried deep inside. I spent my early adult years attending college at Oregon State University obtaining degrees in Interior Design and Psychology, and working as a designer. It wasn’t until about five years ago that I finally picked up a paintbrush and gave in to my soul’s longings to get my hands messy with paint (again). You guys, in this moment, I heard angels sing. My heart cracked wide open, as if communicating to me– so THIS is what it feels like to be alive! I’ve been creating to my hearts content ever since."
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Wilna is a neo-expressionistic painter turned scrapbook and digital designer who has spent years applying her background in fine arts to her passion for preserving memories. A popular online and in-class teacher, she has honed the fine art of balancing her logical and organized side with her free-spirited expressive side. And she definitely knows how to have fun along the way!

Wilna has been working in the Scrapbooking Industry for 11 years and it all started when she was one of 25 winners of the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame in 2006. She designed for Making Memories, Jenny Bowlin, October Afternoon and Two Peas in a Bucket until 2013 when she started her own company called iHeartstudio. Wilna is a popular event teacher at retreats and has been fortunate to teach classes in the US, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Germany and Australia. She has taught online for Studio Calico, Big Picture Classes, Craftsy and have lots of classes on her own website iheartstudio.ca. Wilna is also a frequent guest on the Paper Clipping Roundtable.
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Amanda Grace is a creative explorer. What that means in action is that engaging with the creative source for her is a sacred practice, the vehicle in which she explores and tends to her internal landscape.
Working in mixed media from her studio, Pilgrim Soul; a converted farm building in Sligo,on Irelands North West Coast, Amanda’s passion revolves around the themes of identity, connection, wisdom and care. She believes the creative process is a powerful medium for developing insight by engaging in an ongoing process of enquiry into emotion and experience.
Having spent over a decade developing her own creative process, she draws her inspiration from the need to express and from those who do.
Guided by celtic wisdom, her process is one of transfiguration. Amanda leans on poetry, story, divination and journalling as ways to reveal inner truth and wisdom. She see’s each of her final artworks as a celebration and honouring of this process.
Amanda’s hope is to inspire and encourage others to care deeply, to know the heart and to
speak from the soul.
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Clair Bremner is an artist living and working in the Yarra Valley area of Melbourne, Australia. Largely self-taught, Clair has been developing her style of expressive abstract paintings for over 10 years. The vibrant and expressive landscape paintings she creates are a feast for the eyes and her unique and imaginative representation of the natural world is both whimsical and compelling to look at. Working in acrylic on canvas, she builds up layers of colour and pattern to create paintings that are full of vibrancy and depth.
She is primarily inspired by the natural tangle of vegetation and landscapes that can be found everywhere near her home, however her subject matter often also flows on to include rivers, lakes and expressive abstracts.
Her paintings are both a direct reflection of her surroundings and an imaginary world.
Working in acrylic on canvas, she builds up layers of texture, colour and patterns to create works that are full of expression and detail.
She has previously exhibited in solo and group shows around Melbourne in various locations and is currently represented by Tusk Gallery, Bright Art Licensing and her work is available in several retail stores around Australia and the UK.
“At first glance, when looking into the scrub of local bushland, layers and layers of foliage overlap to create what appear to be impenetrable barrier of plant life. However upon closer inspection you can begin see finer details and identify individual plants. I try to convey a similar feeling in my work”.
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Alena Hennessy began making art at a very young age, way before she could write. She would spend hours upon hours drawing on the back of her Grandmother’s dittos from school, making up imaginary worlds of falling umbrellas, rainbow puddles, and ant farms. Since then her love of creating has evolved–branching out with a deep desire to assist others in finding their true voice in painting and mixed media art.
Alena is the author of Cultivating Your Creative Life, The Painting Workbook, Intuitive Painting Workshop, and beloved teacher of the art-making process, both online and at select retreats. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and publications, including Dwell, The Washington Post, Somerset Life, Spirituality & Health, ReadyMade, Redbook, Stitch, Victoria, and Natural Health magazine, as well as being featured on Good Morning America and pilot shows for ABC Studios. Her paintings have been exhibited across major cities in the U.S., along with several museum shows. Alena is also a flower essence practitioner, along with being a Reiki master and energy healer. Through grace and intuitive guideposts, she calls the beautiful town of Asheville, NC her home. As a facilitator, her intention is that each participant leave a little more transformed, content, and open to wild possibility.
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“My name is Dorota Piechowiak, better known as Guriana. I live in Poland with my partner Peter. I’m a mother of two adult sons.
The older I get, the more passions I have, unfortunately I do not have more time…
I love travels and photography, to create the space around me. I’m a passionate of handcrafted and vintage findings which I regularly find with my friends on flea markets. I love to alter things, to give a second life to vintage objects, to connect paper with junk, rust, laces and linen. I adore wood and its smell, I love to get dirty hands of paint and rust. Recently I am in love with soldering.
My adventure with scrapbooking started 2007 from digital scrap, then came paper and fascination of mixed-media.
I’m a fan of vintage style…I love everything what is old, and when it is not old enough I’m going to make it look older. Since 2015 I give workshops in Poland and I share my passion to lace, linen and metal.
My work has been presented three times in the Somerset Memories magazine and two times in a Polish interior design magazine as „Woman with Passion".
My art motto is:
“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”.”
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Jessica Sporn, former actress turned lawyer turned full-time artist, has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. She is an accomplished, self-taught, mixed media artist whose style is colorful and ranges from whimsical to spiritual with a strong Folk Art influence. She offers online classes, hosts a successful Meetup Group with monthly classes in her Montclair, NJ, studio, and also can be found teaching local art classes and retreats.
Her designs may be found worldwide on greeting cards, fabrics, and tabletop ceramics. Jessica is proud to design stencils for Stencil Girl Products and stamps for Rubbermoon, as well as Judaica products for Aviv Judaica Inc.
Jessica and her family regularly volunteer in Guatemala through a wonderful, grass roots organization called From Houses to Homes. Since 2010, they have traveled to Guatemala at least twice a year to build houses, a school and a medical clinic for Mayan families in the highlands around Antigua, Guatemala. Jessica donates 20% of her income to From Houses to Homes, and is always inspired by the beautiful spirit of the Mayan people, the vivid, brilliant colors of their clothing, and the natural beauty of Guatemala.
The mom of two girls, Jessica lives with her husband and many pets in Montclair, New Jersey.
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Mindy Lacefield is a mixed media artist who draws inspiration from the nostalgia and rainy days of her childhood. Creating from the heart of a 7 year old, Mindy cherishes the tactile process of painting. As the layers and colors evolve, decisions are made in the moment. Mistakes are applauded and accidents cherished. It is only through the process of making mistakes that fosters growth. Surrendering to the outcome of the finished work, allows her to be one with the process. Through surrendering, stillness is achieved and a new awakening of hearing the voice of God has been the most beautiful thing about this creative journey.

Mindy is a full time artist living in central Arkansas with her husband and two poodles, Merlin and Sammy.
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"I'm Dyan Reaveley, the signature designer and creator of Dylusions products.
I am a Yorkshire born and bred Brit who spends most of her time on the opposite side of the pond.
I own a teaching studio and store in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which is fabulously run by my son, Our Ben.
I have four, grown up children, and the most gorgeous granddaughter in the world.
I have a partner…The babe of Deliciousness
I am also owned by the grumpiest cat ever.
My hobbies consist of art journaling and Northern Soul. If I'm not doing one I am doing the other.
I suffer from mental illness, which makes life interesting to say the least.
There is no shame in having mental illness and neither is talking about it!!
I hope that by speaking up about it, it will give hope and inspiration to others in the same position."
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Kate lives in the north of England with her husband, two children, several small animals and a dog! In real life she is a school teacher, but in her free time she loves to play with paint, inks, rubber stamps and anything else she can get her hands on! She has been on several design teams, including Stampotique (USA) and Dylusions for Ranger. She has written regularly for Craft Stamper magazine (UK) and has also been published in several Stampington magazines including Somerset Art Journaling, Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio, Stampers Sampler, and Somerset Apprentice. Kate has made six DVDs on the subject of Art Journaling which were published by Traplet (UK) which have sold internationally.
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"My name is Anna Dabrowska, also known as Finnabair. I was born in Warsaw, Poland, now I live in Ireland with my husband, Andrzej and my pets.
I'm a woman of many interests: a mixed media artist, art journaler
and designer who loves new challenges, experiments and developing new techniques and skills. I've been creating since 2007, started scrapbooking in 2008-2009 and mixed-media in 2009 when I got totally addicted.
My projects are texture and art medium-based: I make paper and canvas layouts, collages and altered art, tags, journal pages – and many more. I believe in power of recycling and upcycling and just adore texture, paints of any kind and flea market supplies. Freedom,embracing creativity and being true to your inner voice is my main source of inspiration and creative energy."
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Vicky Papaioannou is a popular art journal blogger and independent designer. She has a very popular YouTube channel where she shares how-to videos of her projects. Before following her passion for crafting, she was a high school computer teacher. Now, she travels around the world teaching art journal workshops and works as an independent designer for many craft companies. She lives in Greece, in the suburbs of Thessaloniki, with her husband, their two children and their ginger cat!
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Rae Missigman is a mixed media artist, who loves to blog, write, teach and snap photos. She has a passion for repurposing found items and likes to incorporate a bit of what surrounds her in her work, whether it be sketching something she found in nature or using berries to dye her latest fabric project.

Her mission- to integrate up-cycled tidbits of everyday life into her art, has prompted her to approach creating in a whole new light. As part of the collaborative team Art to the 5th, Rae is always searching for new ways to inspire and share through their year long endeavor, The Documented Life Project©. She resides in Florida with her family, where she works out of her home based studio.
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Sandra Evertson is a former model/actress turned designer, author. Her first book Fanciful Paper Projects (Sterling/Chapelle 2005) changed the paper crafting industry, bringing ephemera art off the page lending it a 3 dimensional quality. A popular trend with an impact still felt today. Sandra has authored several books including Fanciful Paper Flowers (Lark/Chapelle 2007) and contributed to titles such as: Crowns & Tiaras (Lark Books 2007), A Closet Full of Shoes (Sterling/Chapelle 2006), The Artful Storybook (Lark Books 2008) and the best selling book that started the WHERE WOMEN CREATE (Sterling/Chapelle 2005) franchise. She is a contributing editor to WHERE WOMEN CREATE, WHERE WOMEN COOK and WHERE WOMEN CREATE BUSINESS magazines. She has designed several popular stamp lines exclusive to Stampington & Company and contributes to all of their various publications. Sandra is the creator of RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Matte Resin Craft Blanks “Ready to Alter!” Prima Marketing Inc. She is working hard to start a Crafting Revolution with them!
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I completed an Art and Design course at Chesterfield College before studying Illustration at the University of Derby and graduating in 2006.
I find inspiration in life around me, capturing fleeting moments of passers-by going about their daily lives and routines, constantly filling sketchbooks, taking photographs and gathering ephemera whilst traveling anywhere from a trip to the shops to a journey abroad.
The inspiration for much of my work comes from a love of walking in the Peak District, tumbling into rural towns and villages, climbing Kinder Scout, camping at farms, listening the silence of the valley, the noise the wind and the trickling of water.
Many of the original prints that I create, using my sketchbooks as starting point and for inspiration, are built using a lengthy process of building up layers using a combination of different printmaking techniques including solar etchings, collagraphs, monoprints and stencils.
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“I live in Essex, England on the Thames Estuary. I’ve been paper-crafting, stamping and creating for 15 years (probably longer) and designing JOFY stamps for PaperArtsy for the past four.
I like to make ‘stuff’... things... combining different crafts – sewing, painting, die-cutting or stamping & making items with paper, glass or fabric. I think paper and card are my favourite - throw on some paint, ink and something sparkly and I am a happy crafter!
I teach workshops in England & write/design for Craft Stamper Magazine.”
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Amy Maricle is an artist, art mentor, and author, who wants everyone to experience the healing power of art.

She works in Foxboro, Massachusetts and lives nearby with her family and two trouble-making, lovable pooches.
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“I studied art and graphic. I worked for many years as graphic artist in press magazines.
In 2006, I left my comfortable (but not pleasant!) work to follow my dream: opening my studio to paint every day and pass on art mixed media to the adults and children.
I was published in several french scrap magazines and I taught classes on Version Scrap exhibition since 2008.

Since 2013 I design stamps for French brands like Carabelle Studio and I’m proud to have my own collection.
I like sharing my small creative secrets and accompanying the people to feel good with creative expression. I travel to teach classes in France, Belgium and recently I went to England. My first class in English!”
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Wendy is a wife to a total computer geek and a mother to three beautiful girls. When she is not snuggling littles or kissing booboo’s, you can find her telling stories with a paintbrush. She feels most at home with Pikes Peak out her dining room window or making culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.

Wendy picked up her paintbrush after a car accident rearranged her life. She found that painting brought healing and order to her once fractured brain. Wendy is a recovering perfectionist practicing the art of letting go daily. She has learned to embrace messes, especially when they involve paint. Her favorite word is serendipity, which means: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. Wendy deeply believes that even in the broken places, there is always beauty to be found if you are only willing to look for it.
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A self-taught Mixed Media Artist, Lorraine splits her time living between the Cayman Islands and Windermere, Florida. A recent empty nester, she fills her days with painting, traveling, and writing. She combines all three hobbies to create illustrated art journals bursting with her adventures on the road.
Lorraine is one of the founding members of the Collaborative Team, ART TO THE 5TH. She created a visual calendar/journal that was the inspiration for The Documented Life Project, a year-long undertaking that encourages visual and written chronicles of daily life.

Lorraine has been involved in the Art Industry for 30 years and just completed her first book, The Art of Crayon, in which she showcases artists who use the humble crayon to produce magnificent works of art! She teaches at local art stores and through her online classroom, LorraineBell.ning.com. Lorraine is also an instructor at Brave Girl University.

She is a lover of all things random, serendipitous and spontaneous. Besides being with her family, she would rather be creating with her friends than doing anything else on earth!
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My name is Marta Lapkowska (Maremi's Small Art). I was born and raised in Poland. I am currently living in Ireland and have been for the last ten years. My inner soul is truly a creative person. Since I remember I have loved art and craft, playing around and experimenting. I enjoy all kinds of art expressions but my most favourite would be art journaling, mixed media and small forms of assemblage art.
My biggest passion is sharing love for creating with others, encouraging and inspiring each other through videos on my YouTube channel. I am very grateful for having a chance to be able to walk next to beginners in their creative journey. There is no better reward than seeing others spreading their wings. For the past three years creating is my way of living - so far it's the best journey I could have imagined. Love, Marta xx
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Andy Skinner is an established mixed media artist and tutor who teaches regular workshops all over the world. Andy is an accomplished painter and ceramicist but is best known for his ‘industrial gothic’ altered art and assemblage pieces. His unique style is edgy, dark, and enigmatic, pushing the boundaries of the medium with new and innovative techniques.

Born and raised in Oxford, England, Andy was interested in art from a young age and the influence of his parents is obvious in his artistic style. His mother, a watercolour artist, encouraged Andy’s love of paints, while his father, an engineer with a knack for constructing amazing toys and gadgets from found objects, inspired the quirky and 3D elements of his altered art pieces.
Since giving up his successful ceramics business, Andy has immersed himself in the mixed media world he loves. He works as Executive Creative Consultant for DecoArt Inc, using his expertise to develop their innovative Media line of products, and is also a product designer for Stampendous and Tando Creative.
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Susan Tonkin Riegel, M.A, is an international highly regarded mixed media collage artist, workshop facilitator and former college professor. She is the director of Red Barn Studios, an expressive center for the arts offering a wide variety of creativity workshops in northern CA. She loves travel and exploring new cultures and has exhibited worldwide.

Her artwork is a true reflection of perpetual self-inquiry and study of the subconscious. She finds inspiration in outsider’s art and resonates with the directness and honesty of the process creating from the heart in a spontaneous way.
Susan allows the spiritual to permeate her teaching, guiding students in expressing their own voice and unlocking the path to creativity.
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John Creighton Petersen is a lifelong resident of Seattle. Although John has a degree in photography, his vast knowledge of a wide variety of art mediums includes painting, calligraphy, journal and book making, collage to beading, resin jewelry, soldering and metal work which has lead him to be dubbed a “Mixed Media Fusion” artist by combining all of these mediums into works of art.

An in-demand working artist in the truest sense with a passion for teaching, he’s on the road several months every year sharing his knowledge and techniques with others. He has served as an educator and designer for many high profile companies in the craft industry including Prima Marketing, Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko, "The ICE Prince" with ICE Resin, Authentique Paper and an Ambassador for RELICS & ARTIFACTS.
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“My name is Jamie Avery, I grew up in a home where both my parents were painting, so I have always loved to be creative. My biggest creative passion is photography, but I also like to paint with acrylics and watercolours, draw with pencils, and am very excited to experiment in mixed media techniques.

I started life in retail, but later set up a Graphic, Animation, Video and Web-design business with my brother. We filmed for TV, created animations for many blue chip companies, and won awards for web design. This I did for many years before the retail bug bit me again, and combining the skills I had learnt over the last few years, with my love of creativity, I opened an online retail shop, Artist Trading Post, a retailer specializing in Mixed Media and Art Journaling products, which I have run successfully since 2008. I love the technical aspect of how products work with each other and why, and helping people to experiment and be brave.”
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My name is Kasia Krzyminska and I am a Polish girl who moved to England following her heart. You can't pigeonhole me because of my explorative nature, but I'm enjoying my creative journey creating art journals and mixed-media collages, teaching classes all over the world, designing stencils for The Crafters Workshop, stamps for The Scrapbook Diaries and Paper Artsy and working at Artist Trading Post.

I worked with Prima Marketing (as a design team member and later as an educator), Blue Fern Studios, Faber-Castell, 7 Dots Studio, The Scrapbook Diaries, Mixed Media Place and my works have been published many times in such magazines as Somerset Memories, Art Journaling, Somerset Life, Somerset Apprentice, Paper Haus, Die Scrapperin, Histoires De Pages. I’m searching for an inspiration everywhere and everyday – in music, nature, old books, bad weather, dreams … I love summer, meadows and beautiful notebooks.
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