Wanderlust 2017


Wanderlust means a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. As artists we always feel the need to look for something new, to learn and explore a whole amazing world of art and craft. That is how the idea about the Wanderlust class came to our minds. After a few years of teaching mixed-media classes in person all over the world (Kasia) and organizing them with different teachers in England (Jamie) we both noticed that in our classroom there was always somebody who was afraid that others will judge them, or who set themselves expectations a bit too stressful, but with a little bit of good energy, knowledge and motivation they can be like a volcano of creativity.

This is what we want to bring you, this is why we created...

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What is the Wanderlust class?
Wanderlust is a whole year long journey - an online event offering you classes from multiple guest teachers and two resident teachers, four every month *. You will also get an access to the Wanderlust Community - a wonderful place full of support, love, friends, inspirations, challenges, giveaways, discussions and galleries. Every month you will also get access to discount codes for art and craft retailers all over the world. This is the perfect alternative to in-person classes!
(each one downloadable and with PDF provided)
* 49 weeks - classes end December 8th 2017
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Why should I choose the Wanderlust class?
Wanderlust offers you the best way to harness your creativity and learn. Sit at your own desk and enjoy being alone for a moment, lose yourself in creating and the pleasure coming from it, but at the same time be a part of the Wanderlust Community that can support you, help, inspire and motivate.

Wanderlust will give you an in-depth knowledge about products, media and tools with monthly videos from our Product Expert. In 2017 Jamie will explain basics of techniques and tools that may seem very mysterious to some of us, but be prepared for adventures in many fabulous subjects. Interested about incorporating dremels and soldering into your art and craft or which kind of printer to choose to get best quality prints for what you need? Join Jamie and nothing will be a mystery anymore.
The knowledge that our Product Expert videos will give you is going to help you choose those products that you like the most, and find your favourite way to use them and explore your own style.

Wanderlust and our fabulous creative community will push you to create more, to create boldly, to be brave with the supplies that you were always shy to try. We will help you to understand art that you were previously afraid to interpret and we will convince you that “art is for the people”. Art shouldn’t be reserved for just professionals, we all can create it.
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What is so different about the Wanderlust class?
Let’s face it - there are many online classes in the art and craft industry and the access is very easy. The Internet is full of inspirations and many of them you can of course find for free. But there are few things that make the Wanderlust class very different to all of them.
  • Here you’ll find well-known artists, crafters, experts and teachers in one place. They are all going to teach you things that they are best at, familiarize you with their favourite techniques, share their love and enthusiasm to creating and inspire.
  • On Wanderlust we decided to be brave and we actually put art and craft together! We are helping you to understand artworks of masters and art in general - rules, how to interpret paintings and how to feel confident in your own art.
  • We are going to convince you that everyone can be an artist and that it all starts with passion and a little bit of… knowledge. You are reading this so the first one is already within you, we will help you ignite it.  The second one of course we will provide you with in easy to understand and interesting videos from our Product Expert.
  • In our videos sometimes you won’t find step-by-step instructions, but always you are going to be overwhelmed with the inspirations flowing from them. Why is that? Because as artists we believe that everyone can be a creative person and a detailed step-by-step won’t wake this creativity up. In our opinion too many instructions can kill creativity. We want to give you the freedom of creating whatever you want.
  • You can always play and use the videos to inspire you however you want - recreate exactly the same projects, use the same colour combinations, the same compositions etc - that’s totally fine! However at the same time we will give you the tools to create in your own style. This way you can find it and explore it without worrying that you are copying somebody else’s character. It’s yours that will glow!
  • We are offering you a wide (and I mean really wide!) variety of content. Together we will be exploring different forms of art and craft, different products, techniques, ways of expressing ourselves. There is not a single thing that is going to dominate our Wanderlust journey, so you can see whatever you like the most and you will never get bored with us.
  • On our class you will be a part of the incredible Wanderlust Community that doesn’t judge and criticize, but encourages, motivates, loves and inspires. You won’t find competition here - we can promise you that you are going to feel like home on our Community.
  • Amazing value for your money. Fifty downloadable videos, challenges, activities, discounts at retailers, a strong community and more for just £79 for the full year!!
  • On our Wanderlust Community you have the opportunity to voice your opinions about a master’s works in our special topics. We can share what we think we understand, what is problematic for all of us, what’s inspiring and what can be the story behind each artwork. This will help us understand the thought process and the essence of the piece and thanks to that you will learn that everyone can see each piece as they want. We will actually have fun with artworks that sometimes seemed too “serious” to get along with.
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What is the structure of the Wanderlust class?
On Wanderlust something is happening every week. Every month there will be a class from Jamie and Kasia - two separate lessons but both appearing on the same day. Then on the two following weeks we will be having lessons from Guest Artists (including 2 interviews a year). The last week will be reserved for Community Activities - challenges, games, starting new discussions etc, and then again Jamie and Kasia. Here you can see the schedule.
Classes will usually go live on a Friday morning (UK time).

Who can join the Wanderlust classes?
The simplest and obvious answer is: “everyone”, including:
  • Those of you who want to learn more about mixed media, art journaling, techniques and products.
  • Those of you who are beginners and don’t know how to start their creative journey. Even those who don’t know what “gesso” means and aren’t sure if art and crafts is “their thing”. We will help you, but there is one very important condition - you must feel like you want to try and give yourself a chance to learn something.
  • Those of you who are already advanced but want to make a step forward, go in a different direction and try something else.
  • Those of you who are already advanced but want to explore your own style and improve skills.
  • Those of you, who like us, have this great hunger for knowledge, creative explorations and unlimited experiments
  • Those of you who feel stuck with creativity. We will push you to create again, but better, more and in a way that will satisfy you.
  • Those of you who want to meet like minded people to chat to, to laugh with, make new friends with and relish the family like atmosphere while you learn and have fun!
Wanderlust classes are simply for all of you who are (or feel like they have a huge potential to be) creative adventurers. Your age, skills and time available doesn’t matter. Wanderlust is so different and varied that everyone will find something interesting in it.
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How much does it cost?
The regular price for our Wanderlust 2017 class is £99
For this price you are going to get:

  • at least four different full-length, high quality videos each month that you can download
  • discount at top retail partners - prizes and giveaways
  • whole year long access to the fabulous Wanderlust Community with inspirations, support, interesting topics, galleries, challenges, guidelines and much more!
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What supplies will you need?
To start our journey you’ll need only basics supplies. A list of supplies will be available soon.

Can I download videos and keep the content after a year?
Absolutely!!! We would recommend getting an external hard drive to back the files up onto so you can preserve them.

Who is going to teach me on Wanderlust classes?
Simply visit the section “Wanderlust 2017 Teachers” on our website to get to know all of the creative people who are going to inspire you.
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Can I buy Wanderlust for a gift?
Yes, of course. Wanderlust classes are a perfect Christmas or Birthday present for your creative friends and family. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Simply after buying please contact us to let us know that this is going to be a gift, and we will sort it out with you.

What activities are on the Community?
We don’t want to tell to much so you can be positively surprised with the bunch of entertainment that we have prepared for you. We can assure you that some Activities from 2016 will be back on Wanderlust 2017. Art Gallery Expedition, Wanderlust Book, The One Collage Challenge, Challenges with prizes, Halfway Celebration - they will be back, but a little bit refreshed.

Who are Partners and Sponsors and what are they offering?
Partners and Sponsors are our fabulous friends who run their art and craft businesses all over the world and decided to join us on the class.
Partners - retailers from various countries who offer an exclusive whole year discount to all of Wanderlust members.
Sponsors - manufacturers who donate some fantastic and very generous prizes to be given away to the winners of our challenges and contests on the Wanderlust Community.
They also sponsor some of the materials used by various teachers on our class though Wanderlust is still unbiased.