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Wanderlust means a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. As artists we always feel the need to look for something new, to learn and explore a whole amazing world of art and craft. That is how the idea about the Wanderlust class came to our minds. After a few years of teaching mixed-media classes in person all over the world (Kasia) and organizing them with different teachers in England (Jamie) we both noticed that in our classroom there was always somebody who was afraid that others will judge them, or who set themselves expectations a bit too stressful, but with a little bit of good energy, knowledge and motivation they can be like a volcano of creativity.

This is what we want to bring you, this is why we created...

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What is the Wanderlust class?

Wanderlust is a whole year long journey - an online event offering you classes from multiple Guest Teachers and two resident teachers. Classes are released every week and there are four every month*. Each class is downloadable and most with a handout (PDF) provided. You will also get access to the Wanderlust Community - a wonderful place full of support, love, friends, inspirations, challenges, giveaways, discussions and galleries.

Every month you will also get access to discount codes for art and craft retailers all over the world. This is the perfect alternative to in-person classes!
* 50 weeks - classes end December 14th 2018

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Wanderlust offers you the best way to harness your creativity and learn. Sit at your own desk and enjoy being alone for a moment, lose yourself in creating and the pleasure coming from it, but at the same time be a part of the Wanderlust Community that can support, help, inspire and motivate you.

Wanderlust is a wonderful package of the most creativity-stimulating offerings. Here’s a little explanation of the structure and of what you’ll be getting monthly.

Wanderlust is based on four-week rotational pattern consisting of…

  • On the first week - Jamie’s Product Expert & Inspirational lesson + Mini Art Jar
  • On the second week - a lesson from one of our Guest Teachers
  • On the third week - a lesson from one of our Guest Teachers
  • On the fourth week - an art journaling lesson from Kasia + Activities

Each four-week segment is based around a specific theme for your inspiration.

Jamie’s Product Expert & Inspiration lesson - every four weeks Jamie will be exploring a different theme by sharing with you some inspirations. As a Product Expert he will be also giving you basic knowledge about a specific group of mediums, and then there will also be a creative exercise that will bring the mediums and the theme together. Each of these lessons is a streamable and downloadable high-quality video.

Mini Art Jar - This is a mini version of our separate offering called Art Jar. It’s completely free and comes with your Wanderlust 2018 package. Hosted by Eliza Trojanowska - the creator of the original idea - this little package of inspirations will get your creative juices flowing. Each Mini Art Jar will be built out of different ingredients containing a mix of ideas, music, art, creative exercises etc.

Guest Teachers Lessons - in 2018 we have 24 Guest Teachers and each one of them will be sharing their own process with you. Based around one of the themes these video tutorials will bring lots of variety to your art journey. Each lessons is new, different and unique - this is something you don’t want to miss. All downloadable, streamable and high-quality.

Kasia’s Art Journaling lessons - this year Kasia is dedicating each one of her 13 lessons to art journaling. She will be going through the themes creating in her book and introducing you to different techniques on each video. You too will be invited to join Kasia and fill your art journals throughout the year of 2018 starting from the moment when you purchase the class as there is an introduction video on how to prepare your book before Wanderlust 2018 even starts.

Activities - There would be no Wanderlust without them! Activities are creative challenges with prizes, games, prompts and discussions that will stimulate your creativity, help exercise everything that you learnt on Wanderlust so far and give you the opportunity to “get together” with other participants in a competition-free and support-love-fun-filled atmosphere.

Why themes?
In 2018 we decided to base our class on themes. This brings even more variety to the whole experience but at the same time will keep you focused, motivated and curious.
Each theme will inspire you differently! We (hosts and Guest Teachers) will all be treating them as a starting point to our classes. Sometimes some of us may treat the theme in a very metaphorical way, other times it may be quite literally.

Find out more about the themes and what each Teacher is preparing for you here.

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Wanderlust and our fabulous creative community will push you to create more, to create boldly, to be brave with the supplies that you were always shy to try. We will help you to understand art that you were previously afraid to interpret and we will convince you that “art is for the people”. Art shouldn’t be reserved for just professionals, we all can create it.

Who is Wanderlust for?

The simplest and obvious answer is: “everyone”, including:

  • Those of you who want to learn more about mixed media, art journaling, techniques and products.
  • Those of you who are beginners and don’t know how to start their creative journey. Even those who don’t know what “gesso” means and aren’t sure if art and crafts is “their thing”. We will help you, but there is one very important condition - you must feel like you want to try and give yourself a chance to learn something.
  • Those of you who are already advanced but want to make a step forward, go in a different direction and try something else.
  • Those of you who are already advanced but want to explore your own style and improve skills.
  • Those of you, who like us, have this great hunger for knowledge, creative explorations and unlimited experiments
  • Those of you who feel stuck with creativity. We will push you to create again, but better, more and in a way that will satisfy you.
  • Those of you who want to meet like minded people to chat to, to laugh with, make new friends with and relish the family like atmosphere while you learn and have fun!
  • Those of you who feel they are missing something, maybe after a life changing experience or loss, Wanderlust is a great healer and a place to meet amazing people.

Wanderlust classes are simply for all of you who are (or feel like they have a good potential to be) creative adventurers. Your age, skills and time available doesn’t matter. Wanderlust is so different and varied that everyone will find something interesting in it.

Our classes will be released every Friday starting from the 5th of January 2018 and ending on the 14th of December 2018. They are streamable and downloadable. You can either watch and do them regularly - every Friday, or simply at your own pace, whenever you find a spare moment.
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How much does it cost?

The price for a full year of the Wanderlust 2018 class is just £99

For this price you are going to get:

  • four different, never published before, full-length (30mins to 2h!), high quality videos each month that you can download and keep forever - in total 50 videos!
  • a printable handout (PDF) with Guest Teachers’ and Kasia’s lessons.
  • Mini Art Jar from Eliza Trojanowska - every four weeks
  • a monthly set of 10% discount codes from top retail partners
  • a monthly collection of Activities including games, discussion and challenges with prizes from our Sponsors
  • a video introduction to the Community by Jamie Avery - available straight away
  • “Basics of Art Journaling” video lesson by Kasia Avery - available straight away
  • “Get ready for Wanderlust 2018” video lesson by Kasia Avery - available straight away
  • “Composition Building & Colours” video lesson by Kasia Avery - available straight away
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This class is only £99 - no extra costs !

(this is approx. $134 USD, €111 EUR, $170 CAD/AUD on the 1st January 2018)

If you would like to pay by bank transfer please contact us
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What supplies will you need?

To start our journey you’ll need only basics supplies. A list of supplies is available here.

Can I download videos and keep the content after a year?

Absolutely!!! We would recommend getting an external hard drive to back the files up onto so you can preserve them.

Who is going to teach me on Wanderlust classes?

Simply visit the section “Wanderlust 2018 Teachers” on our website to get to know all of the creative people who are going to inspire you.

Can I buy Wanderlust for a gift?

Yes, of course. Wanderlust classes are a perfect Christmas or Birthday present for your creative friends and family. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! After buying please contact us to let us know that this is going to be a gift, and we will sort it out with you.

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