Wanderlust 2018

Partners & Sponsors

For 2018 we have a new fabulous team of generous Partners and Sponsors!

Who are they and what do they do? Well, let us explain it to you.

Partners and Sponsors are manufacturers and retailers who seeing what a great online event Wanderlust is decided to join us and offer you, our dear Adventurers, some scrumptious freebies and discounts.

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Our Sponsors are manufacturers that will donate prizes that each one of our 2018 Adventurers will get a chance to win by entering our challenges and contests during the whole year.

Let's welcome PaperArtsy, Canvas Corp, 7 Gypsies, Tattered Angels, Gelli Arts and Stencil Girl.

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Partners are the lovely retailers who will be offering an exclusive 10% discount throughout the whole year for all Wanderlust 2018 members. How cool is that?

Let's welcome Artified (Australia), Danipeuss (Germany), PaperArtsy (UK), Simon Says Stamp (USA), Art from the Heart (UK), Creative Inspirations (Canada), Marte (Italy) and ScrapsNpieces (Greece).

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Where and when will be these challenges and contests that we can win prizes on taking place? Who are they open to?

Challenges and Contests will be happening on our Community (the magic place that you get an access to once you purchase Wanderlust 2018). There will be at least one challenge with the prize a month.
Every Wanderlust subscriber can enter! Yes, even those of you who live very very far from us :) Our Activities are designed so everyone in every country can join and get an equal chance to win. We will ship prizes to anyone in the world and it’s always us (or the Sponsor) who covers the shipping cost.

Does the fact that you have Sponsors and Partners mean that Wanderlust is biased?

No, not at all! Quite the opposite - we will always tell you the truth about the product, doesn’t matter how influential and famous (or little and independent!) the manufacturer is. Some of the products that we are using on our videos were given to us, but that does not mean that we will not be honest about their quality. If there’s something that needs to be said it will be said. We are happy to share our favourites as well, but you will always get an explanation why do we like them so much.

Are there many adverts on Wanderlust class caused by you having Sponsors and Partners?

There are no adverts on our videos, no adverts during the class or during the intro. There are no adverts in your newsletters from us and Activities on the Community. The only place where you may see an advert will be our Partners’ and Sponsors’ banners on the sidebar of the home page of our Community. That’s it!

Why is there only one retailer in each country and why don’t you have a partner in where I live?

We want to keep it fair and exclusive - that is why there is only one Partner (retailer) per country.
We are trying our best to have as many retailers involved as possible, but we cannot force anyone to join the program. Please keep in mind that the list isn't final and if you are a retailer that would like to join our program or if you know a retailer that is willing to do it, please don't hesitate and contact us: info@everything-art.com

Where can I find the discount codes to the retailers? Can I share it with my friend?

All discount codes will be available on the 2018 Community.

No, you cannot share discount codes nor your membership with anybody. If the codes are abused then the partner will withdraw their offer, so please keep them for your own personal use only.

Are you being paid for having Partners and Sponsors adverts on the Community and joining the Wanderlust 2018?

No, nobody is paying us. We are doing it in exchange for prizes and discounts for you, our Adventurers. In the basic offer to our Partners and Sponsors we are not making any money. There is a paid advertising option on our Community and if you are interested please contact us: info@everything-art.com

I am a small independent manufacturer. Could I join your program and is there any application process that I have to go through?

There is no specific application process. Simply contact us (info@everything-art.com) saying that you are interested in joining and tell us a little bit about your business. There is no problem with the fact that you are small and interdependent - we love small businesses. We will be happy to consider your application, but keep in mind that we like to offer a kind of exclusivity to our Sponsors. For instance if a stamp manufacturer is already involved in our program then we will not add another competing stamp manufacturer for this year. We will be shortly starting to get ready for Wanderlust 2019 so don’t hesitate and please apply.

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