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Coleen Kappes: I just loved this project and featured artist! Anyone thinking about signing up should!!! I have learned so much and been so inspired too!!! I will be signing up next year too!

Dianne Sandland: I can't recommend this Course highly enough. You get far more than your money's worth and even in these early days we are growing a community that is strong and supportive. Whatever level you are at in your mixed media work there is something for you

Denyse Coughlan: Have to say this is a fabulous purchase! I am so glad I joined and simply cannot believe how much is on offer. Really professional, interesting and inspiring workshops and much more besides, BRILLIANT!

Fiona Potter: Loving every second. The tutors are brilliant and inspiring and the quality of the videos is amazing. Big thumbs up from me

Dianne Cousins: Absolutely brilliant course I really recommend this for anyone who wants to learn something really creative! It's motivational, fun, inspiring and there's lots of help, advice, tips and tricks and lots of like minds online to help if you get stuck! The good thing is what you learn spans lots if crafts.

Brigitte O'Brien: Am enjoying myself so much , in just 3 video tutorials I have gained a vast amount of knowledge, also got a confidence boost to explore and try new techniques . If you are considering signing up don't delay, it's fab and worth every penny.

Sarah Lynch: I've been playing with mixed media for a while and still learning a ton from this course in only a few weeks. Highly recommend!

Liz Graham: So glad I made the decision to join the Wanderlust classes!! The videos are full of ideas and ways to use products. In addition to the products and projects presented in the videos, there are several other projects that are ongoing, plus an art gallery expedition, product discounts and much more! This is the most rewarding purchase I have made in a long time.

Kathy Stacy: This is a really a great class, sign up if you haven't. It's well worth the investment in just the few short weeks it's been on I've learned SO MUCH.

Lilly Roskell: So glad i signed up for this. already learnt so much. brilliant presentation and great information for those of us who are new to mixed media work.thank you for putting this together.

Suzanne Bracker: I have not taken an online class before. What I see happening here is so much  amazing beauty,  positive energy, and  valuable connections.
If I could,  I would nominate Kasia and Jamie for the Nobel Peace Prize. What you have done and are doing is a work of art.
Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to participate in this exciting journey surrounded my magnificent creativity. This is what life is about.

Ngaire Ashdown: Such a good feel about this course. Jamie, Kasia and the guest teachers always make me feel relaxed - like we are just in our own homes chatting!
I put pressure on myself at times... I say to myself "I'm learning and practising" when I start a project out of my comfort zone - which, I might add, has been a lot of times in just a few weeks.

Donna Aldridge: Absolutely on board for another year! Love you, Jamie and Kasia. Love everything you've offered. Love MYSELF more in my own art, and can't say enough wonderful things about all of this! I'm always a bit behind due to time constraints at work, and even though I have a 4-day weekend coming up, I'm on call, so may actually STILL be working! However, since the content is always there, just waiting for me, I don't get frustrated and overwhelmed (much, lol). This is the best thing I've ever done for myself, and that is all thanks to Jamie and Kasia!

Jane Cameron: I am thoroughly enjoying the course and am more than happy with what I have completed. All the elements keep me very busy. Whilst the classes from Teresa and Beckah are not really my sort of thing, there are a lot of points, hints and tips that are of value in MY Art Journal journey. I will have a go at everything, (eventually). The extras, like Art Gallery visits and 'technical' classes help to build on my knowledge. It is a wonderful course and Jamie and Kasia are doing a wonderful job. Thank you very much.

Michelle Whisenhunt  [Kasia and Jamie] They teach in a very positive, non-judgmental manner that is very conducive to the creative process. I also greatly appreciate all of the extra, unexpected videos.  This Wanderlust series is soooooo much more than I imagined it would be. Thanks to Kasia and Jamie, for sharing your knowledge and all of the time and energy that it takes to organize such a great experience.

Eliza: Kasia & Jamie, I truly admire you for your vision and huge heart you put into this project. Love you guys. ♥

Harriet Tennant: I would like to add that the amount of design/technical/skill knowledge shared so far by all the teachers is quite mind boggling to someone like myself who has only ever winged it alone. I'm starting to create notebooks with titles such as "patterns", "zentangle patterns", "simple drawings" etc which start off with the ones that have been shared to far and to which I shall add others as my eye is already picking up line/patterns in all sorts of things. Besides the work you have put into the creation of this course, Jamie and Kasia, you are adapting and having to deal with all the unexpected 'hics' that have cropped up. Thank you for your calm and friendly manner in which you communicate this to us all as you go along. Bravo!

Liz Thayne: I am so glad I decided to sign up for this adventure- worth every penny and more. Thank you so much to Jamie and Kasia you are both stars.

Glenys Burleigh: I feel so fortunate to be part of this group. I really appreciate the hard work put in by Kasia and Jamie and the amount of time and energy they are putting into this group. Thank you.

Kathrine Campono: Just back from a weekend with no internet service, imagine that! As always, can't wait to open my Friday class and as usual it did not disappoint! I'm learning so many new techniques and styles that I can then make my own. I feel that is what's important, learning, growing and just having fun with it! This is truly a unique community, I'm glad to be a part of!

Karen Kemper: Jamie! that was great!!! i feel like i now have the answers to the mysteries of the universe...i have long wondered about the technical info on my paint tubes and about the differences inherent in colors, brands, transparencies etc. Daler-Rowney products are new to me so i am appreciating this introduction to their products as well. ps. your presence is so soothing, i feel like i am sitting in a class i love to attend!  after a long day at work it's a welcome and comforting thing.

Jan Brattain: I'm so glad I signed up for Wanderlust!  Been enjoying all the videos so far and am learning so much.  Jamie is such a good speaker, very straightforward, concise and easy to understand.  Thanks!